I got my first cellphone when I was 12 from a kiosk at the mall, it was a green Nokia “brick” phone that I had for three years before switching to a silver Motorola Razr flip phone (even though what I really wanted was a T-Mobile Sidekick). When I was 15 I made a mix CD for my first boyfriend Jason that had tracks from a live recording of a stand-up comedian on it, so lame!!! I was trying to seem cool, cultured, AND funny. I deleted my MySpace because it was too embarrassing, my Xanga as well (my username was “sharpietattoos” because I wanted to be punk but was actually totally soft). A painting is a cartoon thought bubble, I’m thinking about all the things that followed me to adulthood and how being an adult often feels just like being a teenager. Sculptures of hands ready for mirror selfies intermingle with scenes from The Simpsons, a ceramic foot with a toe ring reenacts episode 23 of season 8 of Friends, voodoo doll spoons of my girlfriends who bully me sit sad on my bedroom floor. I found the exact same pair of leopard print jeans I had as a young punk on Etsy and I wear them about once a week now. Style is cyclical, and the early 2000s are back in! They sell butterfly clips and tattoo necklaces at Urban Outfitters. I read about a billion memes a day and save all the good ones to my phone just in case I need a pre-work pick-me-up. We are all just trying to have fun and be as happy as we can be with no health insurance.